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Ezal (played by Anthony Johnson) is a poor,homeless

Ezal in Friday

African-American individual living in South Central, Los Angeles. He is known as the town crack-head, and scrapes up 2 dollars every day just to buy himself a 40.


Ezal is first seen when Smokey arrives at the store to pick-up a carton of cigarettes for his mother. Ezal is willing to do anything for some money, which includes faking a fall in the liquor store and demanding $150,000 in compensation, and offering to clean Smokey's Ford Pinto. He later steals an unconcious Deebo's shoes, and hands him a knife Deebo gave him to hold onto while he fought Craig, announcing "I steal, I don't kill."

Last FridayEdit

Ezal will most likley appear in Last Friday.

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