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Hector (played by Demetrius Navarro) is a puerto rican drug d


ealer who appears in Friday. It's hinted that he and Joker are related.

Friday (1995)Edit

He is known for driving dangerously fast in his lowrider (almost hitting Pastor Clever at one point) and talking fellow dealer Smokey into smoking a joint with him and his nameless friend one night, only for him to realize that it is angel dust. Smokey immediately trips out and goes into a hysterical state, running down the neighborhood in his wife-beater and underwear while Hector and his friend follow him in his lowrider, laughing. As seen in the first film, Smokey has gained a pure hatred for Hector but reluctantly sells weed to him to pay off his debt to Big Worm.

Last Friday (TBA)Edit

Hector is going to be seen in the Last Friday film and he's attempting to apologize to Smokey for ripping him off. However, hes never going to accept it.

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