Red (played by DJ Pooh) is an United Parcel Service employee and Craig's co-worker .


He only appears in the first film. Red lets Deebo borrow his bike

Red in Friday

and when he tries to retrieve it, Deebo magnificently punches Red in the eye and sends him flying and he and his father leave the site as Deebo threatens to beat his father too. He later meets with Smokey and Craig when they are sitting on Craig's porch talking and he is left with a big black eye. When Deebo arrives, they try to hide all of their valuables so that Deebo won't steal them. Deebo sees Red's chain that his grandmother gave to him and takes it but Red and the others are too scared to retake it. And after Deebo rides away, Red starts crying as he runs to his car. At the end of the film, Red punches Deebo (while Deebo is dazed from his fight with Craig) and manages to retrieve his chain and bike.

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